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Laila Rashid is a Canadian Muslim Human Rights activist of Bangladeshi origin who is committed to make positive changes in human life especially women and children who are in need.

As a dedicated professional from Bangladesh, Laila has long 20 years of working experience as a human rights activist.

In her educational life she studied Master’s in Public Policy at Walden University in Minnesota, USA in 2014 and completed higher diploma from the George Brown College, Toronto, ON in Assaulted Women and Child Counselor/Advocate Program during the year 2009-2010 with Hons. and awarded Dean’s Award.

Ahm Munir CPA, CGA has over 10 years of professional experience providing accounting and advisory services to owner-managed businesses.

His experience includes working with clients in the manufacturing, consumer business, professional services, real estate companies, bank, job agency, and nonprofit organizations.

Mr. Munir has helped companies make better investment decisions.

He has successfully assisted several clients with accounting and compliance matters, bookkeeping services, and personal and corporate tax planning.

LRCCInc_M_A. H. M. Munir

LR Consultants Canada Inc. A consultancy firm for newcomers in Canada, is an outstanding enterprise by Ahm Munir as the President and Laila Rashid as the Secretary where both equally partnered shareholders. Settlement in a new country while immigration is quite a difficult situation for the newcomers. But here at LR a dedicated team of expert professionals are ready to assist in making things easier for the newcomers in Canada.

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Find Suitable Jobs

We can help immigrants discover jobs that match their qualifications.


Mental Health and Well Being

We can contact the appropriate persons to protect your mental health.

Learn English

Strengthen English

We can assist you with improving your communication abilities in the English language.

Kids Education

Ensure Kids Education Setup

We’ll help you find the greatest options for your children’s education.

Community Centers

Connect with Community Centers

We will assist you identify places of worship that fit your faith and community centers to better your social life.

HealthCare System

Connect Nearby HealthCare System

We will oversee the handling of your health and life insurance needs with the highest care.

People First

An Overview of Canada’s Immigration System

Canadian Immigration Overview
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Umme Habiba

Umme Habiba

Permanent Resident

My application has been processed by LR Consultants Canada and within 4 months I got the approval.

I am now the Permanent Resident of CANADA.

Thanks to the dedicated, hard-working members of LR Consultants Canada.

Sagorika Akhter

Sagorika Akter

Permanent Resident

Assalamu Alaikum.

Here with me, my husband Arif Ahmed and our MP Dolly Begum, Ontario, Canada.

I was a Refugee Claimant and LR Consultants Canada successfully helped me collecting all my documents, organize them as required by the Refugee Board and help me to be properly documented all legal papers and finally I got approved and received Permanent Resident Visa of Canada.

I got married after the approval and thus successfully settled myself in Canada.

I am grateful to LR Consultants Canada for their vigorous support to make my claim a legitimate one and thus receive the visa.

Sadia Shah

Sadia Shah

Permanent Resident

Assalamu Alaikum.

I am Sadia Shah, bearing Bangladeshi nationality and Saudi residency.

I have applied for my Permanent Residency in Canada through LR Consultants Canada on March 27th, 2022 and got the Acceptance Letter from Immigration Canada on 13th July 2022.

I am now on my way to settle in Canada.

The services I received by the firm is awesome and very much cordial.

I wish them better success in their profession.

Kamrun Nahar

Kamrun Nahar

Permanent Resident

I am Kamrun Nahar, a Refugee Claimant in Canada.

I applied for Refugee Claim on January 2020 and received my result on January 2022.

LR Consultants Canada helped me documented all my supporting as required by the Refugee Board, prepared me to face the hearing through orientation and legal and psycho-social counseling.

Finally, I got accepted and now preparing myself to set in Canada as a Citizen with all dignity and value as a human being.

I am so grateful to LR Consultants Canada and their support staff who helped me to be strong and positive in life.























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