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Our Vision

Creating Canadian Immigration Opportunity for Everyone

There are various kinds of immigration programs available in Canada. Our vision is to help get citizenship to as many newcomers as possible according to their requirements.

Our Mission

Settling down Newcomers in the most comfortable way

Our mission is to assist in job search, schooling for kids, health insurance, renting a place, buying your first car or house, opening bank accounts, settling all tax matters, etc. anything a newcomer needs to settle down in Canada.


A. H. M. Munir

A. H. M. Munir


A.H.M. Munir is a highly accomplished Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and President of LR Consultants Canada Inc., a leading Canadian immigration consultancy firm. With over 15 years of experience in the field of accounting, Munir has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for his clients.

As a seasoned professional accountant, Munir has worked for six multinational companies, with five of them being based in Canada. His extensive experience in various industries, including finance, manufacturing, and healthcare, has given him a broad understanding of the Canadian business landscape.

Under Munir’s leadership, LR Consultants Canada Inc. has grown into a leading immigration consultancy firm in Canada, providing a wide range of services to clients from around the world. As President, he is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the firm, ensuring that it continues to meet the evolving needs of its clients.

Munir is known for his exceptional work ethic, attention to detail, and commitment to providing outstanding client service. He is a trusted advisor to many individuals and businesses looking to immigrate to Canada, and his expertise in immigration law and policies has helped many clients successfully navigate the complex immigration process.

In addition to his work at LR Consultants Canada Inc., Munir is actively involved in the Canadian community, volunteering his time and expertise to various non-profit organizations. He is also a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from a recognized Canadian university.

As President of LR Consultants Canada Inc., Munir is committed to helping individuals and businesses achieve their immigration goals in Canada. His dedication, expertise, and professionalism make him a valuable asset to the firm and to the Canadian business community as a whole.

Laila Rashid

Laila Rashid


Laila Rashid is a dedicated professional and Secretary of LR Consultants Canada Inc. She brings with her years of experience working in various roles, including as a Client Support Specialist at OWS Law Canada and as a Program Manager at TCM Canada. Laila has also worked as an Executive Director at TCM Bangladesh and as a Deputy Program Manager at BNWLA Shelter Management, where she has managed and coordinated programs and provided support to survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and trafficking.

Laila’s contributions to various projects and organizations have been recognized through several awards and certificates, including the “Prominent Young Leader in Social Development” award for her work in eliminating violence against women and children. She has also been a part of the International Visitor Leadership Program of the United States Department of State and has contributed to the development of the National Protocol on Minimum Standard of Care for the survivors of sexual abuse, exploitation, and trafficking among the SAARC countries funded by USAID.

Laila’s academic achievements include a Graduate Diploma in “Assaulted Women and Child Counselor/Advocate Program (AWCCA)” with honors and a membership of The American Society of Public Administration (ASPA). She has also been a research assistant at the National Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (NIPSOM) in Bangladesh, where she has conducted research on air pollution, noise pollution, arsenic contamination, and environmental degradation.

Laila is an active member of various organizations, including the YWCA Greater Toronto, Amnesty International, Canada, and the Red Crescent Society. She has also received training in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Prevention, First AID and CPR-C from Canadian Red Cross, and Psycho-Social First AID and Caring for Others from Canadian Red Cross. Her experience, expertise, and dedication make her a valuable asset to the LR Consultants Canada Inc. team.

Career Achievements

A.H.M. Shakir

A.H.M. Shakir

Academic Advisor

A.H.M. Shakir is a Digital Marketing Specialist and the Academic Advisor of LR Consultants Canada Inc., a Canadian immigration consultancy firm. With extensive experience in assisting clients in gathering documents for study permit and immigration, he is well-versed in Canadian study permit requirements and can help students choose the best university for their preferences. He also assists clients in choosing the best immigration program for their situation, filling out and submitting their immigration or citizenship application, and preparing any required write-up for their immigration process. Furthermore, Shakir is capable of arranging documents according to the rules of IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) and can help clients search for job opportunities based on their work experience.

Apart from his role at LR Consultants Canada Inc., Shakir is also a Digital Marketing Specialist with expertise in content writing, web development, and digital marketing. He has developed and optimized websites for various niches and helped businesses establish an online presence. He is experienced in setting up all technical issues for the website, including security setup and Google indexing, and is capable of doing all kinds of On-page and Off-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization). He has also developed SEO optimized YouTube channels and made them viral, and created Facebook and Google AdWords marketing campaigns.

Before joining LR Consultants Canada Inc. Shakir worked as a Business Development Specialist at Hunter Valley Biz Trek Limited, where he developed market research for new product development, every step of frozen food production, coordinated frozen food registration in government departments, and ensured new product enlistment in shops and modern trade. He was responsible for overseeing the procurement process and scrutinizing the hygiene factor overall. He also managed human resources and financial management for the company, including standard cost setting, product costing, pricing, relevant costs analysis to achieve cost savings strategy, and budget and budget-to-actual reports with analysis for reasons of variations and recommendations.

Shakir holds an M.B.A. from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK, with a major in International Business, and a B.B.A. from Heriot-Watt University, UK, with a major in Accounting.

Other Team Members

LRCCInc_M_AU_Laila Zaman
Laila Zaman Chaity
Coordinator (Newcommer’s services)
LRCCInc_M_AU_Sadia Shah
Sadia Shah
Counsellor (Settlement)
LRCCInc_M_AU_Fahmida Rashid
Fahmida Rashid
Client Support (Representative)
LRCCInc_M_AU_A. H. M. Reshad
A. H. M. Reshad
Communication (Administrator)

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Experience You Can Trust

LR Consultants Canada Inc. is a Canadian immigration law firm stated in Ontario, Canada. It is widely thought to be one of the best immigration law companies in Canada. Since 2020, LR Consultants Canada Inc. has been in business as a full-service immigration law firm. They help foreign nationals who want to move to Canada permanently (as a permanent resident) or temporarily (as a worker, student, or visitor) with their immigration applications.

No one is treated like a number at LR Consultants Canada Inc. We treat all of our customers with respect and honor by giving them personalized services and one-on-one help in every case. LR Consultants Canada Inc. is very proud of how well they represent their clients in court, make sure they are treated fairly by visa officers, and give them the best chance of getting standing chance in Canada.

Our philosophy is elementary. Work diligently to obtain the finest immigration results for our clients!

Strategic Advantages


LR Consultants Canada Inc. Immigration Law Firm has approximately 5 years of expertise assisting customers with their immigration procedure. Throughout the years, we have remained devoted to providing individualized services to all immigration customers, whether you meet with staff in person, over the phone, or through email.


Unfortunately, major fraud exists in Canadian immigration. We have dedicated the past 5 years to assisting foreign nationals in their immigration to Canada. You can rely on LR Consultants Canada Inc.!


Many individuals choose to deal with LR Consultants Canada Inc. because it simplifies the procedure. LR Consultants Canada Inc. can guide you through the immigration procedure step by step, helping you to avoid unnecessary worry!


Immigration officials at LR Consultants Canada Inc. are particularly demanding when it comes to applications. A single missing document may lead to an application being denied. Working with LR Consultants Canada Inc. allows you to avoid spending time and money on rejected applications.


We provide free online assessment tools and consultations to make immigration to Canada more accessible to you.


LR Consultants Canada Inc. has an unrivaled reputation and trustworthiness. Check out our Google and Facebook reviews, as well as our legal status with the Ontario Corporation.

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