Health Care System Assistance

Through our supervision, we will handle all of your health insurance and life insurance needs with utmost care and consideration.

Your health is our priority.

LR Consultants’ Health Care System Assistance service provides newcomers with guidance on the Canadian health care system, health insurance, mental health resources, and emergency preparedness, ensuring comprehensive and accessible health care services.


Introduction to the Canadian Health Care System

Understanding the Canadian health care system is crucial for newcomers.

LR Consultants offers detailed orientations, providing an overview of the public health care system, private health care options, and the essential services available to residents.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance Guidance

LR Consultants assists individuals, including those on work visas, student visas, and visit visas, in understanding the importance of health insurance coverage.

We guide newcomers in choosing suitable health insurance plans, ensuring they are adequately protected against unexpected medical expenses.

Refugee and Asylum Health Care Support

Refugee and Asylum Health Care Support

Recognizing the unique health care needs of refugees and asylum seekers, LR Consultants collaborates with health care professionals experienced in providing support for individuals who may have specific health concerns.

Our aim is to ensure that every newcomer receives the necessary care and attention.

Medical Services

Access to Medical Services

LR Consultants provides information on how to access medical services, including finding family doctors, walk-in clinics, and specialized medical facilities.

Our goal is to empower newcomers with the knowledge they need to address their health care needs promptly.

Mental Health Care Resources

Mental Health Care Resources

Mental health is a crucial aspect of overall well-being.

LR Consultants connects newcomers with mental health care resources, including counseling services, support groups, and helplines, ensuring that individuals have access to the support they need during challenging times.

Emergency Health Care Preparedness

Emergency Health Care Preparedness

LR Consultants emphasizes the importance of being prepared for emergencies.

We provide information on accessing emergency health care services, understanding the 911 emergency system, and knowing what to do in urgent medical situations.

Multilingual Health Resources

Multilingual Health Resources

Language should never be a barrier to accessing health care.

LR Consultants connects individuals with multilingual health resources, ensuring that newcomers can access information in their preferred language and communicate effectively with health care providers.

Health and Wellness Workshops

Health and Wellness Workshops

LR Consultants conducts health and wellness workshops to promote proactive health management.

These workshops cover topics such as preventive care, healthy living, and navigating the Canadian approach to well-being.

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